Thursday, April 20, 2017

Art Events - Greek Pottery and Crankies

At the greek pottery art event we learned that all the items in the collection that were on display were acquired by one man's grave robbing efforts in Italy. The vase that interested me most was one that depicted what the display said was Hermes dressed as Dionysus riding a donkey going towards a woman, although the only reason they thought it was Hermes instead of Dionysus was because he was holding Hermes's staff. Personally I think that it is much more likely Dionysus was just having too much fun and ended up taking his staff.

The Crankies were wonderful, with the lighting effects and the shadow puppets and the excellent background music. I think my favorite part about it was when she was explaining that most american folk ghost stories usually don't have anything actually happen in them aside from "a ghost showed up", so she edited the stories a bit to make the ghost actually do something for the purpose of better storytelling.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Robert Motherwell - Africa

Acrylic on linen, I could not find much information on the authors thoughts or methods when making this painting. The contrast of light and dark combined with the image of what seems to be a stone arch with someone walking on top of it, or perhaps the roots of a tree, gives the idea of adventure and mystery.

Morris Louis - Untitled 5-76

This abstract expressionist painting is based on many different methods of composition, Louis uses varying methods from textured brushstrokes, splashed droplets, and liquid stains.

Mark Rothko - Black Over Reds (black on red)

From the late 1940s until death, Rothko created abstract paintings characterized by hovering rectangular form. Black over reds is marked by the use of dark coloration and contrasts. I find this painting interesting because it reminds me of both a window, a door, and a garage at the same time. It gives the notion of depth and three dimensional visuals.